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On the cheap for something big and funky. Check out like an old Tascam or Ramsa board. Ramsa over Tascam, the Ramsa's are more modern. But the old Tascam's can be really cool. They are pretty well built and look nice and big and cool.

Most "console" clients won't realize it since it isn't in a MF catalog. Others won't even call if a 4k or Neve isn't on your gearlist.

The old Tascams you can get the schematics and everything from Tascam. They are Thru-hole so easy to mod. Re-cap them, new op-amps, some upgrades to the power supply, and you have one hell of a console for damn cheap. Add some transformers for extra Mojo... mmmmm...

Even for now, plug in the power. Make sure all the lights work. Clients like lights.
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