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Originally Posted by Winmar View Post
Awesome shots. I love the night ones in particular.

Can anyone recommend a compact camera which would be good as an all-rounder, but takes half decent shots at gigs?
How much are you willing to spend? Most run of the mill compact cameras aren't very affective when it comes to gig photography.

You would need to invest in a flagship compact camera like the Fujifilm X10, Olympus XZ-1 or the new Canon PowerShot G1X.

Most of these cameras start at around $800. However, If you are willing to spend that much, you may as well invest in a entry level or mid-range DSLR like the Canon 60D or the Nikon D7000. Its a more worthwhile investment as you can upgrade as you go, as oppose too buying a compact camera and being stuck with it. You can buy interchangeable lenses for most flagship compact cameras, but they don't offer the same versatility and sharpness as a DSLR lens and body.

Check these videos out of both Entry-Mid level DSLRs and Compact Cameras.

Entry-Mid Range DSLR Cameras:

Compact Cameras:

Remember. It all comes down to personal choice. Go to both independent and mainstream dealers and try before you buy. Don't let them pressure you into one brand over another, as most of the staff at those places have a prefixed love affair with either Canon or Nikon.
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