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Wanted to bump this, as posts such as Hurdy's and Joe's got me thinking - that, combined with being a bit broke these days, made me decide to stop smoking (at least for awhile), after going through the aforementioned ~.5 grams a day every day for the last 5 months. Before then I didn't know any local/reliable sellers (just one or the other ), so this has been the longest pretty much uninterrupted streak I've had thus far. Also, I did the "burn throughout the day" routine for a couple of months in the middle (though only every 2-4 hours), but since making some changes for the better in my life about 1.5 months ago (mainly getting a new job that can actually give me full-time), I've kept it strictly to after 4-5 PM. The reason I'm saying all this, btw, is to put the following in perspective.

SO, it's currently been about 1.5 weeks of sobriety (2 if you don't count the resin hits I did for a few days after running out), and fortunately it's been pretty smooth physically (minimal appetite problems in the beginning, but getting back into exercising and my ever-present fixed eating routine helped - also, a mild but manageable headache for the past week or so). However, mentally is another story, especially in the evenings and off days; when I'm not occupied, I've just felt flat and unmotivated to really do anything except play video games for hours on end, and anything more takes a huge exertion of mental effort; in short, my get up and go pretty much got up and went (undoubtedly not helped by the fact that I had gotten in the habit of energizing myself with a bowl to do pretty much anything, e.g. playing guitar/writing music, menial tasks such as cleaning, etc.).

All I can say is I hope it passes soon, but yeah, mainly wanted to echo the previous sentiments by saying that anyone who thinks something that affects you as strongly as weed does can't be addictive is living in a complete world of delusions, and I wish I hadn't been so gullible as to believe those who insisted that was the case. Obviously it can be used recreationally and in moderation, and I'm not ruling out the possibility that I will again in the future - but in short, I really want to just caution anyone who reads this to not let it get its hooks in you, cuz even in my comparably mild case it's no fun getting them out!
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