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Exclamation "until the light takes us" and its b-side

for those who don't know (i can't remember if we've talked about it itf before), "until the light takes us" is the only good documentary about norwegian black metal. it avoids the otherwise commonplace sensationalism and speculation for the most part, and consists mostly of relevant people talking about relevant (and some irrelevant) things. it's really interesting.


i'm here to tell you not about the documentary as such, but about the second disc of the 2DVD set that came out a while ago. it's got a FUCKLOAD of really good bonus material, overshadowing the main feature by a long shot. most of it consists of a bunch of barely edited interviews. hours upon hours of talking by fenriz, varg, garm, frost, grutle & ivar of enslaved, hellhammer and necrobutcher, demonaz & abbath (my respect for immortal increased immensely after seeing them talk about their music and what makes it tick)

if you have the slightest interest in what black metal was/is and why, then you should probably buy or download this documentary, and disc 2 in particular, at your earliest leisure.

also it's ridiculous how much i find myself agreeing with these guys' viewpoint on music and life in almost every way. and although varg has entrenched himself deeply in the political end of things, while some others care chiefly about the music as such, it's remarkable how solid a foundation there is in terms of underlying philosophy. when they talk about the music as it was, they all say the same words almost verbatim. it's easy to have a clouded view of things today, but norwegian black metal was a really remarkable thing. a really remarkable thing.
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