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Originally Posted by hauta View Post
You don't know anything about that subculture
I'm goth and I'm completely straight and I don't take any drugs
I sometimes smoke cigarettes and always drink beer, wine and Jack Daniels and that's all
Despite the fact that I wear black, listen to bands like Bodom, Imperanon or Evanescence and Nightwish, I'm a happy smiley person
You see, ALL those images you get in Google or in Gothic web sites are not the bare reality (: Goths are cool (GIRLS, goth boys are gay)

All Swedish chicks are lesbians.. Does that mean, that those tall cute guys there are homos.. .. ..

Nah, joking! Finland above all
BTW, tomorrow I'll go to Bodominjärvi
Was anybody there? How's it? Any GHOSTS XD?
No you dork that's what I meant I find it frustrating that it's hard to find any goths or metal heads that are bright and normal people. Metal heads live in shitty bars while goths live in gaybars. Also, especially the goths seem to be nearly always depressed or severely traumatized. I mean I'm fairly normal and on the light side, but I don't want to dress more metal than I do because of these stereotypes that have an eerily solid foundation. Besides of course I have many different interests so I don't want to culminate my outside appearance according solely to either sports, music or my other interests which I could show in dressing as well... I'm a mix of this and that and that's what makes me me. You can't do that goth shit anyways cos you need to shower frequently and the dressing codes make it inpractical as well. I'm a gothic / sports guy / nature hippie / with street influences. I used be quite tight fitted in sleak black suits and shit but I'm no longer in the business world so fuck that.

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