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Originally Posted by isolation_years View Post
oh yeah, and perfect dark was amazing too. my first system was the nes. zelda a link to the past was probably my favorite zelda, and then OoT came out and blew my mind, still hard to choose between the two

haha extremely entertaining sold me

diablo 3 quick tip. go to options, gameplay turn on elective mode. then you can customise your active and passive skills. (ie buttons 1 2 3 4).
Yeah, A Link to the Past is brilliant as well. It was my first foray into the world of Zelda, and it's easily my favourite SNES game. It spurred me to buy The Story of Thor on Megadrive when I was in England in 1995, another classic! It's called Beyond Oasis in the US, I think.

By the way, although I'm not done with Banjo-Tooie yet, I began playing Bastion last night. Wonderful graphics, and the gameplay is a lot of fun so far.
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