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I'm jealous

Any other hints as to what's being done/recorded for the b-sides......other than Anthem. But if you heard that, also any impressions?
No idea what else is being recorded...truth be told, I don't talk about Anthrax all that much when I'm hanging out with Joey. The extent of our Anthrax discussions the other night were Neon Knights, the DVD they filmed in London (Joey wasn't too happy with how that show went, and he said he thinks only about 2/3 of the show will actually make the DVD), and Rock On The Range on Sunday.
Anthrax gigs:
2010: Stockholm
2011: Toronto | Sayreville | Buffalo
2012: Allentown | Columbus | Darien Lake | Montclair
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2014: Rome | Norrkoping | Knebworth | Montreal
2015: Oshawa | Columbus | New York | Motörboat x2
2016: Monterrey | Mexico City
+ many Belladonna/Chief Big Way gigs...
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