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Originally Posted by hauta View Post
Guys, I cannot understand the meaning of this shit!!
Jos ruma on suoraa ja kaunis väärää
kuka kauniin säätää ja ruman määrää

So, the first one should be "If ugly is right and beauty is wrong"
and the problem comes with the second one- I cannot understand it!
IMO, it should be something like "who beauty___________ and ugly_____________"
Can you please help a little? (:
BTW, it's from here

I can understand pretty much the entire song, but this part is killing me!
If ugly is straight, and beautiful wrong, who sets beautiful and orders/rules ugly.

REALLY random if you ask me.
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OMG 100th post! I'm a senior!!! YEAAAAAH!
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OMG 300th post! I'm a faggot!!! YEAAAAAH!

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