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Originally Posted by Fizrider View Post
I bang my head against a wall on this topic. I LIVE IN ATLANTA!!! I love this music... and then I realize that all of my friends who ALSO love this music already know about PPUSA...

I guess I could start trolling Guitar Center and wait for someone to start some shredding on a Flying V, or starts some sweep arpeggios, and then strike up a conversation - Hmm... that could work until I get kicked out for being the creepy stalker dude.

I am hardly the hardest core metal fan, but ProgPower is so much freaking fun. A 2 day ticket costs the same as 2 moderately priced dinners for 2, with drinks. The local sale should be easy, especially with Georgia State, Emory, Tech, and who knows what other colleges around. I'm still pushing, though.


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you can do what i do: print out the poster 2 to a sheet in full color and start sticking them up wherever you go. i have some business cards (might need more!) . i have done that at some rock-n-roll bars and some other well-chosen locations.
plus, i've talked up a few folks at work - and one dude i think is going to buy one or two
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