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Originally Posted by Diabolik View Post
If you noticed....both nights when the headliners came on...most people left. Most of the people I know where there for Brocas Helm, Skull Fist, Pharaoh and Voltax. Voltax had the largest crowd on the main floor watching them. Right there shows that people are interested and willing to come out for bands like this than say a Virgin Steele again. You can run all the numbers and percentages you want....this is fact....we all saw it right there.

With doing this as well you save lots of money by not paying some band who thinks they are worth more than they are really worth.
Bob- you've even mentioned before how in Chicago/illinois people leave once it gets later. I know you liked those bands the most, but just because the most people were there for those bands, didn't necessarily mean those were the bands people were there for in particular. Let's face it. Turn out just wasn't that good and I think if some of those bands ended up playing the headlining set, they too would've seen the crowd thin out.
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