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Wait, when did Joonas go gay? How do you know he's gay? Joonas isn't actually a homosexual. gosh. Ya'll are so unperceptive. I meant that he gets very happy to see other people in pain. gay means happy. Joonas is a very straight psychopath. trust me. Do y'all read Science Illustrated? The issue with the Ice Age Lottery is a super awesome issue.

Ok, so perhaps some people do find it morally unacceptable to be a homosexual and for that reason Joonas may feel inclined to rape a man (because rape is more widely recognized as morally unacceptable in comparison to consensual sex), but he does it for the rush of doing something bad. He doesn't actually empathize or relate emotionally you know because he's a psychopath.

Try telling him to do something morally neutral like play chess. He won't be interested. He won't actually do anything you say- he will only do the bad things you say. Tell him to drink some juice and he might drink that juice to excess in the most disgusting way possible. But he ain't gonna drink no juice in no kind of normal way.

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