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Das wär möglich-wie war denn dein Nick da?

Yep-it's distorting and clipping a bit, but it almost clipped before I added vocals (at least my feeling) and I think
importing a fully mixed mp3 into your daw, add vocals and try to make them fit and than exporting it again as
an mp3 doesn't help alot ...20€ headphones neither...everything seems to clip through them.
but yeah, half a db less wouldn't have mattered alot loudness wise but would have helped against the clipping.

Edit: showed it to a friend-have to agree with him, the snare is a bit loud
Originally Posted by The StabbinCabin
The fuck is a teraflop. Looks like an iphone-beercan insulator. This keeps my Coors 7 teraflops cooler than a regular insulator.

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