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Yeah, I don't get that either. I mean, I grew up in a family of smokers, so I am probably the most anti-smoking person around. Yet the laws that try to be passed against people smoking in their own cars, I am against that. If people want to abuse their bodies, that's *their choice*. It's one thing to ban smoking in public places where others can be harmed, but to tell someone they cannot smoke in their own car if there is no one else in it? And then of course the other side of the coin, these people who sue the tobacco companies after they get cancer. Um, there *is* a label on the side of every package of cigarettes that say clearly all the health problems that smoking causes (at least they do in the U.S.; I'm not sure about other countries). So guess what? You spin the wheel and happen to land on Bankrupt, that's *your* fault for gambling and taking the risk. You lost. Take responsibility for your own actions. Suing the tobacco companies is not going to all of a sudden make cigarettes healthy for everyone else.

Which reminds me...I have a DVD of old I Love Lucy episodes (yes, I'm a huge Lucy fan), and they showed the commercial promo for the very first episode. It was for Phillip Morris, the cigarette company that sponsored the show. To hear the person in the commercial boast about the qualities of smoking and the "health benefits" of cigarettes; wow, it was really an eye-opener to see how many people thought that way back then. Hell, even doctors smoked! I remember a time when there were cigarette vending machines *inside of hospitals*!

I'm glad in a lot of ways that our attitudes have changed about cigarettes, but people still choose to be irresponsible in spite of all the education and information we have out there, so educating people doesn't always work. In the end, people make their own choices. Sadly, it's always the most reckless of people who refuse to take responsibility for what they do, and are the first to point a finger at anything else when their attitude of "I'll do what I want!" backfires.
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