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^ Exactly. My opinions on smoking are basically The same as Matt and Trey's: Though I'm all for not allowing people to smoke anywhere NEAR a door to a building, or any other high traffic area, for that matter. I'm allergic, and there are kids, and adults, who have asthma severe enough to have a horrible reaction to having to walk through that cloud of smoke just to walk into Macy's. But in a park? On the beach? It's still annoying as hell, particularly for me since it's an allergen, but it's a wide open area, so I can just move, it's not like a door I MUST pass through. The car thing shouldn't be a law, but as someone who's Mother is the chain-smoker of ages, I can say that getting into a smoker's car is not fun - at all. But I will also say, if you smoke - it's in you're clothes, your hair, everywhere. So when you sit in a car, with all that porous interior, it will be absorbed regardless, so why bother with a law prohibiting smoking in cars? Though it's awful along a highway in the summer! I have to roll up every window and close all the vents and just bake while I wait for the light, or else I might faint.
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