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White WIddow One for the classic rock fans

White Widdow! I had both their albums (White Widdow and Serenade) as christmas presents and when I heard they were coming to my town I had to see them live. I certainly wasn't dissapointed! Playing an even split of material from both albums (12 sons in total) they kicked off with the track Cry Wolf. As this is my favourite track I would have preffered to hear it later in the set but having missed the other two bands on the bill it was a good one to get me warmed up and enjoying the show.followed by One More Day and Strangers In The Night there was a hiccup during the early songs with the sound, I think something to do with keyboard and mike levels not being right but I know nothing of technical stuff only what sounds good and what doesn't and to me they sounded fantastic. Then came Cross To Bare, title track from the second album Serenade (which I could have quite happily led myself to believe any one of the band was singing just to me. Ladies these guys are remarkably easy on the eye!) and We've Got The Wings which all went down well with the crowd and a number of voices were audibly singing along. Show Your Cards, Tokyo Rain and ballad Do You Remember continued to keep the crowd happy as did the stage presence of this stunning frontman complimented by his amazing band mates. The perpetual motion of the singer was proven by a guy in the crowd who shouted at him to stand still as he had been unable to get a decent picture of him. Jules oblidgingly posed for the camera and the show continued. (His boots also posed for a photo at one point and although they didn't steal the limelight they were fairly fantastic hey I'm a girl, we notice these things) On to the final three and we got Change Of Passion, Reckless Nights (the party rock anthem from the second album and a good contender to rival the likes of Kiss's Crazy Nights and Poison's Nothin' But A Good Time) and finally Broken Hearts Won't Last Forever finished a strong, quality performance. Check them out. You won't be sorry!
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