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Originally Posted by Colin Davis View Post
All that new stuff is out. Album is out on Hammerheart in Europe, called Metamorphosis. See youtube for cheap listening....
Ok gonna check this out.

Just my 2 cents, but if you can do it and are ok with it (and hammerheart too), you should put this album on bandcamp for free streaming in good quality and 10$ high quality file download.
That's the best to get people to check out your stuff, and buy it IMO (they can still buy the actual physical cd if they want to).
Always bought cds but not as much in the past years, and always checked out what was out (via legit streaming/mp3s/youtube and unlegit also) and always thought i would never pay for a file, until recently where i realized bandcamp is one of the best way to go and purchased my first digital albums last week there.

If i want to check out something, i will always do it, the legit way if i can (bandcamp being one) without buying the cd, and the unlegit way if i can't.
If i really like the stuff, i will either buy the cd at the merch booth or online, or pay for the high quality mp3s (which i was listening to in the first place anyway, be it through bandcamp or album previews on soundcloud or pirated mp3s) through bandcamp, which is like giving the money straight to the artist for something i'm already listening to.
This and also the legit streaming stuff like spotify/deezer/etc.

To me, full-album streaming in high quality on bandcamp and on spotify/deezer/etc is the best way for you to get a wider audience.

EDIT : if i have a choice between listening to band A which has a high quality streaming bandcamp page, and band B which only has its stuff in shitty quality on youtube, i will go check out band A over B.

I think it's still handy to have at least some tracks on youtube and in decent quality, cuz' that's the easiest and fastest way to find songs nowadays IMO (and easy to share through facebook/forums/etc). On the other hand, uploading shitty quality soundfiles on youtube is counterproductive IMO.

EDIT 2 : Youtube is good for checking out/putting out a particular song, but sucks when you wanna check out a full release (cuz' you rarely have the track order/playlist on youtube, etc), and that's why bandcamp/spotify/deezer is good when it comes to listening to full releases in good conditions (playlist + high quality + artist payment (through per streaming on spotify/deezer, and through mp3/file purchase on bandcamp).

EDIT 3 : example : just checked out one shitty quality song off your new album on youtube (not uploaded on the official Vile channel), and another decent quality (but not that great) song you uploaded through your channel, and now i don't feel like checking out all the other songs cuz' the quality might go from shitty to just decent, and i want to listen to the whole thing to be able to get into it, and i don't even know what song i already checked out and what song is next, etc...
BUT I'd check out the whole album for sure if it was on bandcamp or spotify/deezer, give it a couple of spins, and maybe get into it, and finally listen to it more on deezer/spotify (-> money for you per streaming) or buy the files on bandcamp (-> money for you), or buying the cd (-> money for you, but less than through deezer/spotify and bandcamp i think).

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