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@Testicle Milkshake: I have no clue how to describe it in English, all I know is that it really helps to breath
into your belly instead of the lungs if you get what I mean, I started growling when I was like 13 so it became
really natural to me.
You shouldn't force it unless it doesn't matter to you if you're normal voice is affected by it and in the end,
at least to me, it's all about training. Due to all the breathing exercises I do I am able to scream up to 18 secs.
without getting that much weaker voicewise (scream, not growl, that's harder) and I can switch from speaking
to growling while talking.

About the technique again, like I said, I don't know how to really describe it, but it's not that different for me
than singing like Louis Armstrong, just lower the region where you create the tone and "change" the room in
your mouth. Sounds strange, but I mean like using your tongue a bit different to pronounce the words.
My tongue for example hits the top of my mouth pretty often while talking and moves alot, during growling it's
more on the ground of my mouth and if it moves, it moves in another way.
You shouldn't create lots of pressure in your throat, the only pressure I use is in my belly to get the air out of
it, side effect of this is that due to the long time I am doing it and due to changing my breathing completly because
of death metal vocals I formed really strong belly muscles (to bad that I still hide them under fat...)

I hope there's a chance that you understood what I meant
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