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Of Breath and Bone - initial thoughts

Since I am WAY too old to be called a fan-boy, I will start this thread with the honest warning that it WILL, in fact, contain fan-boy gushing - so be it.

I have just purchased and downloaded "Of Breath and Bone", and have only made it through the first track "Abeyance" - and already have to take a breather.

This opener sounds EXACTLY like the next track from a band that created "Stone's Reach" - which is EXACTLY what I personally was hoping for. I hear all of the elements that made the previous CD the best progressive melodic death metal CD I have in my possession, and I could not be happier about this.

However......the production quality appears to be even better! George sounds less muddied (not that this was a big negative last time, but it appears to be just different enough to be noticable), and more up front; the guitars lead the way with their usual force and passion, and I can clearly hear the bass and drums as distinct entities.

I am absolutely stoked, and very grateful to the band for spending the time and effort to give this new CD to us.

On the Track 2 - with a big, goofy smile on my face!

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