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I've been posting here on and off lately, saw this thread now and decided it's time to properly introduce myself.

Name: Hannes Larsson
Location: Uppsala/Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 23
Own band: Just restarting, have nothing to show at the moment
Occupation: Freelancing sound engineer (doing post production, live and the occasional recording/mixing, but I'd like to do more mixing)
Musical tastes: Postrock, post-metal, some other metal, progressive rock from the 70's and pop (as in hits, britney spears etc).
Favourite band: I don't know.. Cult of Luna maybe.
Favourite album: Don't know here either, maybe ( ) by Sigur Rós, Crack the Skye by Mastodon, Eternal Kingdom by Cult of Luna or maybe even Fas by Deathspell Omega. Or something else.
Production experience: Mostly from the school where I did my sound engineering studies, most of it being pop/rock, but some hardcore bands aswell.
Goal: Recording and mixing the music I love for a living. At least doing it a lot would be fun.
Gear: As we speak: Fireface 800, M-audio Octane preamps, Yamaha MSP5, Audio Technica ATH-M50, Pro Tools, a simple mic stash that lets me record drums, SM7 as my main vocal mic, and not that much more. Works for me at the moment.

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