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Question Old School Gear, New School Sound

So, Being the poor recording enthusiast I am.. I was tired of guitar plug-ins and programmed drums and said "f$#% it, we're tracking"

Quad tracked one take through the 5150 and one take through the Ultra 60, V30s w/ a 57 into an old Shure "Pro-Master" Console for some slight eq, and a touch of analog clipping. Bass into Randall R_500 with the ZW-44 in front , heavy eq, a lil more clipn..

$hit sounds heavy, like some angry underground American metal
Detuned, Scooped, Gritty I tell ya... Real gritty

Alls fine and dandy, until its drum time...
OMFG we dont even have the mics... So we get the mics..

I have 8 inputs, no outboard comps or eqs.. just my vintage mixer.
Oh, did I mention im tracking with my MAUDIO MOBILEPRE I FOUND ON THE ROAD??!!! So I have stereo input, One shot.. Now heres the question:

10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest... What would you level your

Aco Kick
Trig Kick
Snare Top
Snare Bottom
Ovrhd L/R

This guy hits pretty frickin hard..
Im just looking to get the best stereo mix into the box I can, so I can bus it 10 times and possibly pull out a good drum sound.. maybe...

I know your a wizard, and I just want a peak at your drum alchemy.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated
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