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Well, Greg never wrote that much for Testament anyway, even in the old days... Eric said that Alex has co-written 5 of the songs with him though, and seeing as there's only 9 original songs on the album, that means that Alex was involved in the writing of over half of the songs on the album. Which means he's actually contributed more to the new album than he did on TFOD, even though on that album he did write one of the songs totally himself (F.E.A.R.).

I'm also a bit worried about the apparent lack of mid-paced stuff on the new album. "Killing Season" and "The Evil Has Landed" were awesome songs on the last album. As for Mark Hernandez possibly being the new drummer, well, he did an awesome job on the latest Forbidden album, so he should be up to task. Although Gene is a very hard act to follow. And whilst, I am not surprised at Gene not being the permanent Testament drummer, I am a bit disappointed. I'd have loved it if he'd stayed full time as the Testament drummer.

I am also very impatient to hear the new album! lol *cries*
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