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Queensryche - hate to see this kind of thing

As every fan of Queensryche's all but over, with the entire band seemingly running out of patience for Geoff Tate and whatever journey he seems to be on the last few years. The latest is that the 2 or 3 Queensryche dates still on the books look to be switched to Geoff Tate solo shows. This from Blabbermouth:

"Seattle progressive rockers Queensr˙che are scheduled to perform tonight (Monday, June 11) at USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley City, Utah as the support act for Scorpions. According to Queensr˙che singer Geoff Tate, "some of the members of the band could not make tonight's show for personal reasons." He adds, "Although I would have really loved for all of us to play together, it wasn't possible for them. I couldn't miss playing for one of the best rock audiences in the world and opening for one of my all-time favorite bands for anything. Thanks to my fans, and the Scorpions or your continued support and I plan to rock Salt Lake City today at the show.""

This comes on top of the debut Rising West show (featuring the four other members of QR plus vocalist Todd La Torre), which featured the set list: Soundcheck: Queen of the Reich, En Force (incomplete), No Sanctuary (noodling, incomplete) // Setlist: Queen of the Reich, Speak, Walk In The Shadows, En Force, Child of Fire, The Whisper, Warning, The Needle Lies, Take Hold of the Flame, Prophecy, My Empty Room, Eyes of a Stranger (no Anarchy-Xtra ending, for those wondering), == Wrathchild (Iron Maiden cover), Roads to Madness. (set posted at the MR boards via The Breakdown Room).

Rising West also were interviewed before that show. (Podcast here: In the interview they commented: On the Rocklhoma incident - "There were some other people not in this room that made some comments but we had a great show." / On the Brazil knife incident - "What happens in Brazil stays in Brazil." / Lots of references to the 'guy with the tie' - ie. lawyer.
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