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Originally Posted by ÷wen View Post
Can't decipher whether Freudian slip or attempt at pun
Holy shit!!! I didn't even realize that!!! Totally a Freudian slip!!

Also, don't mind me if I tend to become a bitch about some topics regarding feminism. Don't get me wrong, some schools of thought within feminist ideology truly have an incredible amount to offer to society, moving towards the betterment of humanity and well as redefining gender roles for mutual benefit. But I personally know that I also get defensive because I've been around some incredibly chauvinistic men, but chauvinistic in the sense of subconscious and more a result of immaturity (all people from HS) I also like to use "chauvinist" and "egotist" interchangeably sometimes, idk if that's correct, but.... :shrug: How do chauvinism?
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