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I've been here a couple years but never even noticed this thread. I lurked for quite a while and have been trying to post more lately.

Name: Janson
Location: McHenry, IL (about 1.5h NW of Chicago)
Age: 27
Own band: Played drums for local band Wings of Severance for a while. Not currently playing with anyone.
Occupation: Day Job - Project Engineer for a cutting tool manufacturer
Musical tastes: Anything with a solid backbeat and a good groove. I used to listen strictly to metal, but I've branched out a bit as I've gotten older. But I still have a soft spot for Pantera, old In Flames, and Metallica.
Favourite album: Make Yourself by Incubus
Production experience: Started tinkering in 2008, and I still tinker now. I do about 6-10 projects a year, and try to learn something new each time.
Goal: As with all of us, I would love to make a living doing this one day. My wife supports it, and allows me to put whatever money I make recording back into gear. Maybe one day it'll work out, maybe it won't. But thats why I went to college and got a degree.
Gear: Intel i7 2700k, 8gb Ram, Vista Ultimate 64bit, Pro Tools 8, Digi 003+, Digimax D8, and some other odds and ends.

Nytemare Recordings
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