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Originally Posted by mutran View Post
What are your thoughts on every cover artwork and what you link up with? Places, songs, memories?

Something Wild: It gives me some kind of shivers this artwork while listening Deadnight W. It's the desert where you travel while listening the album entire, you don't know exactly what come rise up in the journey, like the songs, they're just weird.

Hatebreeder: Just at the title is, I see hate, angryness. Toxicity is the word. The Reaper show you a world of passion, power, angryness, all combined with the death, clearly the Reaper. While listening to this album, all the songs remember me the green of the cover.

Follow The Reaper: To me, this and RRF cover are the most significant. It gives me atmosphere, just that. That blue and mist yet simple is magnificent. Songs like FTR, BAM, COD, EID and NC plus the keys of MOS and TOMS remember the lake of the artwork (well, almost the entire album).

Hate Crew Deathroll: It's like saying "hey, bazinga!", isn't it? The color is less important here, only showing again energy, but the Reaper take a rol more important, showing what can you expect. In FTR you can know by the artwork what can you expect, here is by the Reaper.

ARE YOU DEAD YET?: I just like it, but doesn't give me any feelings, just the feeling of been awake on nowhere by the Reaper, but in the songs you don't feel the conection, I see gray in the songs, I dunno what means.

Blooddrunk: It's cool, the blood and shit but at the end, I don't see any connection in the songs like in AYDY? One of the worst w/out any doubt.

Relentless Reckless Forever: As a fan of the autumm I must say that I love this cover, with the tree, the city, the corpses, etc. Despite this, again I don't see the conection in the songs with that artwork... Northpole T. is about the fucking North Pole, and in the cover you have a city and a tree, did you guys think in that?

I know is so much shit to read, but I see the forum as dead lately.
Completely agree with you. Except the Bloodrunk cover which I associate with the dirty and rough guitar sounds they have on that album.
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