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Originally Posted by jipchen View Post
Have you used the UBK-1? I Know it's a compressor, but I was talking about the saturation and density controls. From what I gathered some people use it for those more then the compressor. But I haven't used it that's why I'm asking. Also, the other tape emulations most probably all have a certain compression too of course, depending on how hot you drive it.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, and thanks to you Lasse, too.
Yes I use it every day
Density do something that still remain voodoo for me. Greg wrote a cool thing about it on gearslutz but can't really remember it atm.
Of course you can use the saturation alone, but never tryed since I always have Heat on no matter what.
UBK1 is something like a fatso with different possibility. Of course you can squach track and get this in your face sound (but most plugin comp can do that), while still have character and vibe. But the most interesting thing this can do is gluing tracks together, and put those track from front to back.
I don't know any other plugin that can do that. Kinda the same effect you get when you put a 2254 on bg vx (put with an other sound of course).

You really need to try it Max
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takes longer to reply when you're typing with one hand
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....maybe I should go buy an amp sim.....
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