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Originally Posted by (__Joonas__) View Post
Then you have a visualization problem, just my opinion. The song titles are not for no reason. Think about Towards Dead End. It doesn't make me see anything but it's got a clear vibe of coming to a hopeless end. One of COB's best melodies ever btw.
+1 with Towards Dead End. I'm always whistling the lead guitar riff, hahaha.

I see nothing in Lake Bodom just because I barely like the song. I hear to it with no emphasis so it's obvious that I won't see anything in that song.

For example, in Bed of Razors I always see "mediaval stuff", maybe because the guitars. And in Children of Decadence I see a beach burning at midnight while the first person is running in circles. Everyone has it perception, but hey, this is no the Visualization Song Theme, haha.
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