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Originally Posted by Pelata View Post
Of course he skirts the high notes...he's 52 years old. Nobody can sing at 52 like they did at 22 or 32 or even 42. Singers are flesh and blood and flesh breaks down. The point is, he alters the melodies and he stays in key and still emits conviction and emotion. That's different than just hitting someone else's 20+ year old notes.

Dio (RIP), Dickinson, Halford (yikes!), Tate...NONE of the masters kept their youthful voices into their 50s+...they all alter/altered melody lines and skirt notes. You can't fault Tate for a singer overall he still sounds very, very good.

The version of "Eyes..." I watched him to was with his solo band and it was piano/acoustic and he nailed it. He knows what he can do and what he can't. If he re-recorded a bunch of old 'Ryche songs in this format, I'd buy it in a minute over anything w/ LaTorre.

Nobody can sing like they did when they were younger? Listen to John Arch!!! He's absolutely incredible at his age!!... At times he even sounds better than he did when he was younger.

Also, remember, Geoff screwed himself when he took up smoking...Smoking will ruin your voice!! I remember reading lots of forums posts about that.....

In my opinion, if it was entirely up to Geoff, they wouldn't ever play old material. They play it because of the fans...Again, Geoff has states many times that he doesn't care for the old stuff, but I at least admire him for wanting to play it for the fans even if he doesn't care for it....
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