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Originally Posted by Justin Gaines View Post
My .02 on this whole mess:

I could have supported the guys and Todd as Rising West. I'd have checked them out live and probably bought the album. Sure, they'd be starting as a cover band, but at least the potential is there for a decent album someday. And I'd be content to keep ignoring Geoff Tate's solo career. I just can't get behind this latest move though. Love it or hate it (and you know I'm in the hate camp), there is no Queensryche without Geoff Tate. Especially since DeGarmo's departure, Tate is the defining element to QR's sound and songwriting. Without him it just feels like one of those Great White/LA Guns/Bang Tango split situations, and it devalues the Queensryche brand, which I thought couldn't get any lower.

I'd love to be proven wrong though.
Yeah, I probably could have got behind RW as well as a separate entity. I agree with you about Tate. I'd love to be proven wrong as's just not likely, IMO.
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