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Originally Posted by Fire breath View Post
Some people hate female vocal bands and some like it a lot and actively seek out bands fronted by the ladeez.
I'm one of those folks that actively seek them out 'cause I do love many female vocalist. Admitedly, I wouldn't have read this post if it had simply said "modern metal" and wasn't targeted with the "female fronted" description. Although after years of persuing and hearing so many female fronted bands (particularly metal bands), I have also come to be a lot more critical of female metal singers and the bands/musicians with whom they work. I sort of have to be because there is so much of it out there these days. I certainly gravitate towards bands with female vocalists, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm automatically going love every band with a female singer.

I got the same way with power metal after awhile. I realized that while I still love power metal, I don't have to love every power metal band. Some bands make music that continues to sound fresh and new, and some bands just make music that sounds like everything else that's already out there. I'm pretty sure this happens in every style of music.

Originally Posted by Fire breath View Post
The medley on youtube sounds pretty cool. Her voice is nice and there seems to be a decent sense of melody. The production is fat and the riffs are very modern with a tiny slight metalcore edge. One for the Lacuna Coil crowd. Out in May.
Personally, I'd liken this much more to Delain or Lullacry than Lacuna Coil, it has a more "pop metal" (for lack of a better term) feel about it, not as heavy as Lacuna Coil. And I don't like it as much as either Delain or Lullacry. It isn't bad, but nothing special for me. The beginning of the sampler was pretty strong, but the later songs didn't really do much for me. While the musicians and singer are obviously competent, I didn't hear anything truly unique that really made this band stand out to my ears.
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