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I agree, their posing is great!

But I hate the fact that the word "steel" is sung 509 times just in one song:

"With the power of the ztiiiiil"
"Magic ztiiiiil"
"My sword is made of ztiiiiil" (duh!)
"ztiiiiil attack!!!!!!"
"I kill the dragon with my ztiiiiil"
"My ztiiiiil is better than you ztiiiiil"
"I am made of ztiiiiil"
"Fucking ztiiiiil"
"ztiiiiil meet ztiiiiil"
"ztiiiiil, and away!!!"
"ztiiiiil, ztiiiiil, ztiiiiil, ztiiiiil, yeah!!"
"My ztiiiiil is broken"
"I love my ztiiiiil"
"Universal power magic ztiiiiil"
"I ride my ztiiiiil"
"I killed a rabbit with my ztiiiiil"
"My ztiiiiil chops of your ztiiiiilhead"
"I built a castle with my ztiiiiil"
"Oh, there are'nt enough steelwords in this song - ztiiiiil ztiiiiil ztiiiiil ztiiiiil ztiiiiil ztiiiiil ztiiiiil"

So I'd say, yeah they suck musically, but you can always have a good laugh at them
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