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Well, I'm glad 'bout your posted messages and sincerity. Thanks to ya all.

@Mel: I know that feeling of uncertainly and doubt, and despite rahvin said it's common feeling, it's more habitual and extended than everyone think. We have the better possibilities of life of the History and live it in despair. But it can change, It will change!!!

In fact, I'm really afraid of my quite uncertain future, I not only wish... I NEED to find something, or someone to share my thoughts and dreams with. And this seems so difficult nowadays.

@rahvin: Ya can hide your mental illness and become serious sometimes. Cool! (I think I'm falling in love with ya, hahahah).

And one important thing 'bout your posted feelings of today: you all seems to be worry with the job. I never wished to consideer my studies or work as an important part of my life, I don't base my life in work. I know I need it, but I need to improve a lot of things more important than work, if you know what I mean.

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