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Originally posted by terria

as for the rest of the time i defintitely need more hugs *sigh*
*hug* from mousewings. (I know it is more appropriate for the stoner forum and I also am a newbie here, but I felt had to do that.)

I myself have also gone through a deep depression since junior high, but I am okay now and have finally learned to love myself... but it wasn't easy and I had to undergo many difficulties. I didn't do as well as I knew I could have in high school --I skipped and did mediocre work on some assignments--and regret it. (I missed by grade 12 scholarship by 3%, but got the 11 and 10 ones). I was incredibly depressed, felt I had nothing to live for, and basically hated my life. It is a cliche but music helped me a lot during that time...

One person who helped me through all this is my best friend... my only good friend... She still talked to me even if I withdrew from other people and acted creepy and horrible at times. I still am very... strange and don't feel I like most people I meet... but my friend accepts that and doesn't judge me. She is truly like a sister to me.

As for my dreams... I wish to do well in my current course (Library Technology) and have a successful career. I also want to meet my soulmate... someone who has something in common with me... and is... cool. I want to be happy. As for the dreams in my sleep, they mostly have to do with blood (so I won't go there).

Hmm... this is quite a thing for me to post, but I'll do it anyways.
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