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I just can say WOW!!!
there are so many @mel, @rahvin, @lantis, @mousewings, @terria, @|ngenius, @whoever that I'd need some hours to write.
I deeply love this thread as leaves me a lid open from this dark box I'm in!
ehmmm glad to hear eveyone has opened.
I've never been understood, 'cause I've never wanted it. I've never opened my heart (just for my exgirlfriend though!!!!) and I still don't have the need to do it. My own feelings are so mine, so personal that I normally show my happy face to my mates.
It's not that "life sucks" thing. It's just that life is one of the greyish thing ever existed. There are black things as the ones happening in Afganistan, Africa and everywhere else. But still some white things as ppl who leave everything just save other helpless ppl. I would never give a thing for human being as a whole. I have never expected something good from our race. But I also think there are some that have they chance to change that feeling from me. I'm not talking 'bout me. I'm lost in this sense, but ppl like |ngenius and his "save_the_earth" thoughts. That gives me some little light.
I'm not based on my job/studies. I'd just love to live without them (but that's not possible in my situation)
I'd just love to have the guts to leave everything and travel to Greece to cheer up Melancholia, or going to California and paying his journey to Wacken, or helping |ngenius to save the world!! and definately would love to feel as atlantis, wanting to keep and holding on this I'm currently doing.

Now for the time I'm living now, I'd just love to get rid of this "defenceless" feeling as I've always been that ehhmmm "sure about myself" guy.
Thanx for bringing this patch of light, I'll keep showing up this thread, as I think one of the best thing of this forum is how WE get our innersenses to the rest of us!!!

my entire lustful attraction now carefully hosted on love I appeal

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