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well i could empty my brain here, talking about what moves me, what offends me, what my motivations for living are. but i never felt like that. i'm not the type like exposing my problems to somebody else. i want to solve / get rid of them by myself. i know that's damn unwise as i bury some deep down, and they will rise in the most unfitting moments... but i can't help it. that's just the way it is. i only talk about these things if i'm somewhat drunk and with some good friends. what a fuck. i wish i wouldn't have these barrier, like macmoney said. it's the same with getting into conversation with females. i know this couldn't be all to hard and would surely benefit me ( well i COULD use a girlfriend again ), but nevertheless i simply don't manage it.
gee, yet i just told something which strangles my mind. funny. maybe it just lacks the persons one can talk to and who understand...
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