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@Vulture: I know and accept many ppl are like ya, but I can't understand this kind of behaviour. You can't live alone, nobody can. And to live together is the way, in my opinion, to rise up the whole mankind (me and my typical optimism, as you can see... :P)

@Mel: Don't say excuses, a very big "Graciaaaaas!" to ya for improve this thread with your posts.

@mouse: Your "sister" is surely a great person, but there are some more like her. Live your life to find it.

@Master Melon: Q bonitooooo! XD

@Everybody: Thank ya. You probably see that I'm a fuckin' optimist, and my advices are usually to encourage you and paint the life in pink. I know to live is hard, and to feel alone in your own is quite common, more than all of us wish. But I think the key to rise again is to believe we are here together, as I said, and there are precious things in the world, things to make plenty our heart, our feelings, and our dreams, and some of you see it sometimes. Mel and Father have/had their couple, their mate in love. I never stayed with anybody 'cos I never found anybody, but I still believe! Some of ya have your family support, I have it with hard problems nowadays... but I still believe! I see the wars around the world, I saw the Twin Towers fall, but I still believe! When everything around you seems to fall... it's time to DON'T GIVE UP! I'm still here.
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