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Best metal bass metal bass player...

Ok, I don't remember which thread had best bass lines in metal or if that was best bass player...whatever.
I was paroozing some cd's that had a little dust build up on the shelfy whelfy. Students...I'm giving you homework. Listen to the whole album; John West's "Mind Journey". Barry Sparks is the man on this one. It's metal. It Rules, period.

On that other thread everyone was listing Geezer, Steve Harris and guys like that. I know Black Sabbath can be considered metal. Comparatively speaking, to the bands in their day - they defintely are...same for Maiden as well. But when it comes to this current generation of metal. In other words, any band that wasn't in existence before the mid 80's. I have trouble finding metal bassists that made some noise. In between those metal giants; Sabbath, Maiden, etc. and where metal is now. We had guys like Timmy Grabber from Mercyful Fate and Dan Lilker from S.O.D. getting some recognition. But since then bassists have really taken a beating like a wife of a drunk bastard. Besides Mr.Norberg making it impossible to think we are even close to being worthy, I found this Barry Sparks bass clinic to put high on the "metal bassists worth a shit" list.

Anyone concur?
(This isn't a "who's better?" list, just an attempt to add to our "noticeables" pile that seems to be modestly miniscule.)
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