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Originally Posted by Dmanx Pit
I went to Nile and Napalm Death for Dark Tranquillity only. I like all those bands on the tour, but I probably would have skipped it and worked instead if DT^ weren't on the bill.

So that was $20 for a 5 song DT set.
At least we got a free beer out of it, Joe:P

What about Opeth though? That night sucked, except for the 90 minutes Opeth was on. We had to wait outside in the below freezing weather, go inside where it was just as cold, and sit through Tapping the Vein and Paradise Lost. I was just about asleep by the time Opeth came on.
"He was beyond beautiful. When he'd walk in the room, he'd light it up. Fuck the guitar playing -- he's right up there with Eddie and Randy and Hendrix. All he wanted to do was make everyone happy. He was the ray of sunshine. Dime will never die ever -- he's in my veins. He's sitting at God's tavern, having a cold one with Randy Rhoads and Hendrix. Dime was an original." - Zakk Wylde
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