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Trigger Video is so hilarious and absolutely stupid! !!

Start with a gang in a pickup who throw stuff at In Flames who are innocently hanging out in a park, and you got that guy in the car with a sign and it's written "Posers". After that you see In Flames playing a gig in a small bar...and the same Pickup guys are standing at the back of the bar waiting that IF finish their set (i guess) and we later found that IF got the chance to beat the guys. The Scene after we got a close up on one of the pickup guy who got a blackeye!

Unfortunately there's no specific ending to the video...closing scene we see pickup leaving...thats it... fits with the kind of music they're playing now...

Just find out that the pickup guys are Soilwork members...
and the new Soilwork video is the same replica except that IF are the bad guys... what is the point of doing this...dont know...

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