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Most of what I see is just wishful thinking, except for the people who put "all of Reroute to Remain" - That just fucking sucks that anyone would want that, by the way.

Their setlist is always going to stay the same it seems. It will always be something like:

Bullet Ride, System, Trigger, Cloud Connected, Only for the Weak, Episode 666, Pinball Map, Colony, Gyroscope, Behind Space ...

Thats just the way it is. I'm a huge fan of The Jester Race, and I've been wanting to hear songs from that album live for a long time (besides Artifacts, because they have played it recently). I've pretty much realized that December Flower, The Jester Race, Dead Eternity, etc. will probably never be played live again, and if they are, then I'll be incredibly surprised.

According to the boys in white, the old stuff "doesn't sound good live" anymore. Well, here's a tip.. Anders, start singing like you used to. The reason they don't sound right is because Anders screeches and sings clean now. I'll never fully understand why Anders changed his vocal style when it was working fine for him.

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