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I don't know what the heck do pandas have to do with this, but I assume you are referring to moomins being panda. So... Pandas have nothing to do with the specific drawing, but the author, who draw that has full rights to it (well, not anymore, since she's dead). And maybe nobody's gonna file a lawsuit if somebody is using some copyrighted material in personal web page, but there is a slight possibility. Depending on the material that is spread. And of course if there is lot's of copyrighted material the more possible it is to get sued.

And what comes to shades question... She didn't ask about this specific picture, but in general.
Originally Posted by shade
By the way, does anyone know about the right´s in Internet? Can you just scan anything and put it to your pages? Or do you have to have a permission?
And the answer to this question is no. You can not scan anything and put it on pages. Because of copyrights. Copyright is always a relevant issue. This is pretty much the same as driving over speed limits. You can do it, but when you get caught you must pay. Distributing others copyrighted material, being it in the net or in the paper, is not allowed. Maybe nobody will notice it, but still...

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