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Diamond Head

Diamond Head is obviously one of my favorite bands and for good reasons. However I wouldn't personally say they survived. They spilt up several times, reformed with new members and in all honesty their work after the break wasn't very good. I loved Lightning to the Nations, Am I Evil, and many of their early albums. I bought Diamond Nights and To Heaven from Hell, and Behold the Beginning because they were all the older material, but when I bought The Best of Diamond Head and on it were songs like Ishmael, and To the Devil His Due, I knew that Diamond Head hadn't made it out of the NWOBHM movement alive, or at least as the old Diamond Head that I know and love.
Then again like Black Lagoon said They are playing acoustic shows over in small Enlgish Bars and it's the old DH. I would have payed a lot of money to have seen one of those shows....
Are they still playing in England now, or are they done for ever?
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