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Originally Posted by SleepingSun79
Way to go Katagory V! Congrats on the Record Label and we're really psyched to see you at the preparty!!! We're really looking forward to Progpower this year! Sheri, I hope to see you this year, hope you remember the couple from Cheyenne? Again, Congrats Dustin and the band!!

Hi Melissa,

It's great to hear from you! I'm glad that we'll get the chance to meet again this year. It's great to get support from people in our area for Dustin's band and for PP in general. I have to apologize, I remember you guys but don't remember what you look like (man, I'm getting old...) so just make sure that you grab me at the show or if you don't remember what I look like, just yank on Dustin's beard to get my attention . The thing will probably have grown to the ground by then hehehehe..... Depending on where you guys are staying and when you are getting there, we'll have to try to meet up for dinner/lunch or something! We'll be @ the Granada on Wednesday. We can plan something closer to the show...

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