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Originally Posted by SleepingSun79
Way to go Katagory V! Congrats on the Record Label and we're really psyched to see you at the preparty!!! We're really looking forward to Progpower this year! Sheri, I hope to see you this year, hope you remember the couple from Cheyenne? Again, Congrats Dustin and the band!!

Hello Melissa!

Thank you for the kind words! We're glad to hear that you and Max are attending the festival again this year and we look forward to meeting you once again! I used to think we were the odd-balls since we came from Salt Lake City, but you guys got us beat being from Cheyenne. We'll actually be driving through there on our way to Chicago for the Classic Metal Festival at the end of June.

As Sheri had mentioned, we will be ariving in Atlanta on Wednsday and are staying at the Granada. Although the band will probably be tied up a majority of Thursday sound checking and prepared for the Pre-Party, we'll all have to meet up sometime during the stay in Atlanta!

see you then!


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