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lol.. tonight's poison really have small "poems", plz don't ask for bigger, or i will post Frozen Glare lyrics which are relatively huge
well i will,
as about i music, i promise i will give you mp3s also, but just give me the time to make everything sound exactly as i want. i am a perfectionist (is that a word?) and all these bands are currently making their demo. sound is not exactly right. once everything it is as i want, you will listen first!

now about WHY the lyrics are small in tonight's poison. first there is really NOT a ryme as you spotted, that's because it is a flow of thoughts, I do not want a ryme, or a second proccess. What came into my mind, that was the ending result. It is small because in that way I wanted to keep the interest in the lyrics, over the music. And finally about grammar, typos and lack of "words wealth". Well I live in greece, my english suck, and i only get to use them through the internet. i CAN speak english, but surely not well. So i hope my english betters with time....
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