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Post That's so Metal!

Hey Everyone!

While I was in Cleveland, OH for the BW & BK festival, I ran into one of the cool scribes, Rich, from That's So Metal webzine.

The story behind this picture, (which was kindly taken by Jack Frost with Rich's camera) is this: while wearing a Running Wild shirt the day before at the hotel, he mentioned that Grave Digger was his favorite band. I happen to have a GD shirt packed with me so I decided sport it the next day just for him... and it seemed he had the same idea!

You can't beat that! The only two Grave Digger shirts in Cleveland! Hopefully they can get those guys to play next year... Grave Digger rules!

Be sure to check out Richs' killer webzine, That's So Metal for some great live reviews, interviews, pictures and more!


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