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Originally Posted by TheFourthHorseman
Someone here in Finland bought it from a store already and if it's sold in Holland seems that the distribution is totally fucked up.
Dan should've hopped on a better label at least 5 years ago...
I guess those people bought the 38 minute thingy that's apparently floating around the net... I haven't seen it myself, and I won't even bother looking for it... Popping Crimson II into my CD and turning the volume waaay up will be next to a religious moment for me, and I don't get to many of those

Anyway, it seems there's some sort of pre-release version going around, since Dan himself says he hasn't even got the finished album yet... I guess the people in Finland and Holland bought some crappy bootlegs. Official release is now the 8th of september, even if Black Mark hasn't changed it on their homepage. All the resellers have that date set as the release date, so I think it's correct.
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