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ProgPower IV Quiz

As PP4 draws near, my brother, Dave, and I decided to come up with this quiz on our site ( )to help us, and everyone else, identify all the band members. It's divided into 2 nights and it's not necessary that you put in your first and last name, that's just the way the software was set up and we didn't get around to changing it. This turned out to be a HUGE amount of work especially since some of the bands have weak sites, so pardon any mistakes or typos (i.e. Heprik Danhage instead of Henrik Danhage. oops.) Only one guy from Mercenary is included because we couldn't find their last names. There's no point system, you're either right or wrong and there's no standings so it doesn't matter what name you put in. Just have fun and come back and tell us how you did!
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