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I like seeing the fact that everyone benefits from Katatonia as there is such a variaty to choose from.

I have to catagorize.

I Think best sing along would be Sweet Nurse.

I like For My Demons as it has a good typical rock feel, the heart of Katatonia's sound is in that song.

Teargas is one for my girlfriend, she loves that.

Endtime and brave both start the most intense.

Saw you Drown is to me like a Nirvana song covered in dark depression and is my favourite.

Viva Emptyness however is brilliant and to choose one song almost destroys the experience but I would say Evidence, however I love Will I Arrive as its mad and defines to me a new direction in rock that isn't very present in any other band other than Tool and, without wanting to upset anyone, I think Tool are boring and Katatonia can write much better songs. Like Mozart, not the inventor but the genius.
Thats all I have to say about the best fucking band in the world. I wasn't sure last year, but after Viva, the production is intense.
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