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Unfortunately its bands like Superjoint Ritual that get to release DVDs (despite the fact that they only had one albums worth of material when they did), and not bands like Morbid Angel.

I mean just compare SjRs DVD with Death's Live in L.A. That just sucks.

Anyone else not really a SjR fan and kinda disappointed that they are touring with MA (because most likely they will take away from MAs Set length)?

To say it politely, Phil has a little chip on his shoulder and he thinks he is all "underground."

I got news for you Phil, if you were never in Pantera (the most mainstream metal band since Metallica came out with "Smell the Glove", where do you think Superjoint would be? Who would give a fuck?

And Down suck too.

(Note: These are my opinions, dont fuckin get pissed off because i fuckin dissed Down and Superjoint and Phil who would all be nothing without Pantera's "exposure")
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